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I have a problem with the determination of anions by ionic chromatography. I am working in waste water and the injection volume is 10 µl. I use Na2CO3 9 mM for eluent. The column is a IonPac AS 9-HC with a AG 9-HC. This column is recommended by Dionex and has a good separation. I use a 45 µm filter and I don’t mineralisate the samples. W e have a UV-detector for the nitrite determination.
I do inter-laboratory comparison to check the method.
For the phosphate all tests (at least 5 inter-laboratory tests) are unsuccessful ! In the last interlaboratory comparison we found 1.776 P-ppm and the other laboratory have an average of 2.523 P-ppm. In all tests we found below the expected concentration.
In the last test I have a problem with fluoride and nitrite. In the first case we found 3.5875 ppm and the average is 4.0761 ppm and for nitrite we found 4.1775 Nppm and the average is 3.4337 Nppm.
I have done a new calibration and I have a calibration from 0.2 ppm to 5 ppm for fluoride, 0.2 NO2-ppm to 50 NO2-ppm and 2 PO4-ppm to 50 PO4-ppm.
If I check the method with a certified material from LGC promochem I found the good value.
Thank you for your advice.

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